Sell more!

By training in technical command,
your teams improve their communication skills.
And your company improves its performance.


The diagnosis and training tool for face-to-face encounters

« We only manage what we measure. »

1. Diagnose

The Comscope films participants in face-to-face situations and draws up their communication profile.

2. Coach

Train each participant to efficiently conduct an interview thanks to the software's personalized recommendations.

State of the art diagnosis

Listening time? Questions? Verbal mannerisms? The tool identifies strengths and weaknesses and recommends potential avenues for improvement.

2-camera recording


Competency mapping


Written transcription


Summary spreadsheet


Personalized recommendations


Patented in 20 countries
21 languages

All functionalities

My salesperson is not a robot

Neither by script nor by heart. The aim is to reinforce one's face-to-face communication technique. On the agenda: active listening, argumentation, feedback...


Appraisal interviews? New decisions? We equally need to understand and to be understood. So our best bet is to use techniques that work well by reintegrating the fundamentals of oral communication.


What could be more appropriate to assess a candidate's skills than a role playing exercise? Quantified data offer an objective outline of each candidate's command of communication skills.


By asking the right questions, the salesperson will learn what's important. And since participants have worked on their argumentation skills, they will be able to convince and persuade.

The following companies have taken things further than their counterparts.

Pierre Fabre
Crédit Agricole
Feedback is unanimous and always excellent. Fabienne BREVI, Permanent staff training manager for the Adecco Group
The Comscope is an advantage for any organization. It arouses approval, participation and the desire to make progress among all our trainees. Jean-Luc DELPOUS, Training Director Pierre Fabre Group
By specifically identifying strengths and potential for improvement in our new recruits, we can now substantiate the decision made by our sales and our personnel departments with regard to permanently ratifying the employment contract within the employee's trial period. Pascal DIDA, Skills and Training Manager for Legallais
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