Know-how + Soft skills + AI

Our technology includes the evolved principles of modern psychology and learning, the best corporate coaching practices, and the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Combined with top-notch human coaching support, ZTO technology analyzes and measures interactions in real time for unparalleled competency growth.

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Tangible results from first use

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Intrinsic development of competencies

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Sustainable retention of acquired assets

A human approach

Unlike technological solutions that standardize interactions using a canned learning process, ZTO offers a personalized learning approach where technology enables the employees to make progress in keeping with their individuality.

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Non-repetitive approach, which stimulates training

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Autonomous and objective enlightenment

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Development of individual natural strengths

“No other technology simultaneously fuels expertise and soft skills in managerial and business relationships.”

Philippe Hamel

Founding president

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Mature and proven AI

powered by the intricate analysis of more than 20,000 conversations

The most advanced competency development technology

on the market

Advanced simultaneous analysis

in real and simulated situations

Multilingual processing

with perfect command of English and French, with Spanish and German in beta mode

Unique technology, patented in 20 countries

Since 2007, we have created and developed our own algorithms while drawing on 20 years of research and development in the teaching environment and through interpersonal communications. The technological analysis components for verbal and non-verbal that drive the high performance of ZTO products are unique in the world.

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Simplified dashboard of product features

Zero to One offers technological competency development platforms adapted to call centres and videoconferencing.

The simultaneous analysis of verbal and non-verbal

Offer comprehensive and detailed insight into the progression of each participant in their videoconference interactions


Automatic call analysis

Control the quality of telephone interactions in a manner that is reliable, accurate, fast and economical

Dashboard with analysis results

A competency training revolution

Zero to One is the only company to offer technical material that allows training using case scenarios in a training setting.

For example, it can simulate an evaluation meeting between a manager and their employee or a sales situation involving a store customer.

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Simultaneous capture of verbal and non-verbal using state-of-the-art equipment

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Real-time viewing of the analysis using the platform

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Integrated teaching for theoretical support for practical learning

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