What drives us

Founded by Philippe Hamel, an expert with more than 25 years of experience in business skills development, Zero to One brings together researchers and experts in technology, communications, learning and training, organizational development, and relationship skills.

Since 2007, they have been maximizing the support of technology in the enrichment of human interactions in the business environment.

Improving the corporate social climate

Boosting individual performance

Enhancing client satisfaction

Our mission:

to develop corporate relationship skills

We believe that the value of a business is tied to the quality of its relationships, both internally and with its clientele. ZTO is the only technology that effectively analyzes and measures the development of relationship and business communication skills.

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People skills:

A strong competitive advantage

Research and experience have demonstrated to us that the continuous development of people and business communication skills successfully contribute to enhancing all human performance indicators for a company.

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Improved relationships between managers, suppliers, and employees

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Increased sales

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Heightened client loyalty and retention

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Consistently high NPS score

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Drop-off in service complaints

Investing in one’s skills development

Companies that seamlessly adapt to market challenges perform better with respect to customer satisfaction and the quality of their internal relationships. They make intelligent and continuous investments in training and in top-performing competency development tools for their personnel.

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