Optimise interpersonal skills

At a time when human interaction is increasingly robotised by new technologies, zto.technology proposes an individual approach, to improve recruitment, selling and managing.

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A platform that has already proved its worth.

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Unleash your potential

Reinforce your team’s strengths and correct its weaknesses

Augment your results

Augment your results

Boost your sales, satisfaction and loyalty performance indexes

Perfect conversational intelligence

Perfect conversational intelligence

Continuously improve professional and life skills

Efficiently train your team


1 Recording

In two-person teams, simulate real professional situations through role playing:

  • interviews for sales
  • recruitment
  • management
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2 Self assessment

To enhance the learning process, each participant conducts their own self assessment, which is compared with their results.

Self assessment
Result analysis

3 Result analysis

Information on each interview is automatically analysed in just a few minutes. Thanks to technological impartiality, elements of verbal and non-verbal communication are detected to offer the most comprehensive analysis possible.

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4 Adaptative learning

Since every individual is unique, our solution comprises adaptive learning. Each participant has access to their detailed reports, so they can measure their progression.

Adaptative learning

Complete mapping of skills and their progression

zto.technology simultaneously measures verbal and non-verbal indicators, in order to obtain a detailed representation of life skills and communication aptitude, of a group and of each individual.

Conversational style

Conversational style

  • Eye movements
  • Silences and speaking time
  • Interruptions
Active listening

Active listening

  • Ratio of open / closed questions
  • Enunciation of needs
  • Reformulation and feedback


  • Objections and questions
  • Characteristics / Advantages / Benefits
  • Facts / Recommendations / Solutions


  • Positive and negative language
  • Verbal tics / Crutch words
  • Technical vocabulary
Learning and communication profiles

Learning and communication profiles

  • VAK
  • GROW
  • Individualised models
Accuracy of collected data

Accuracy of collected data

  • Soft skills measurement thanks to analysis of weak signals
  • Contextualisation
  • Detailed qualification (Open / Closed Question, Pitching)

Choose the model that suits your needs

Distance learning

Distance learning

zto.technology accesses integrated technology, camera and microphone, in order to analyse the conference in videoconferencing mode.

  • Simulate a sales appointment with a potential client
  • Simulate a recruitment interview for a potential applicant
  • Simulate an evaluation meeting between a manager and an employee
  • Simulate after-sales service tracking for a client
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Face to face

Face to face

Using highly sophisticated equipment, it is possible to simulate a working environment for face to face interactions.

  • Simulate an exchange between a salesperson and a customer
  • Simulate a meeting between a customer and their financial advisor
  • Simulate the processing of a complaint
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Call Center

Call Center

In order to improve your team members’ performance, our tool can also be adapted to suit Call Centres. It offers live analysis of telephone calls focusing on 2 themes:

  • Personalised training: assess and improve your team’s sales performance.
  • Continuous optimisation: adapt your sales script and increase customer loyalty by highlighting skills propitious to a successful sale.
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