The ultimate solution for relational excellence at call centres

ZTO Call center is a competency growth platform for people skills that relies on ZTO’s proven technology. ZTO Call center uses artificial intelligence to analyze telephone calls in real time and to enable the advancement of sales and service skills from first use.

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Instantly lift

in sales and service performance indicators

Continuous improvement

of telephone service agents

Heightened control

in quality, fast and economical

Finally, AI that humanizes service performance

An authentic human service that boosts all performance indicators for satisfaction, sales and retention. Other technologies robotize service and depersonalize interactions. ZTO Call center offers quite the opposite with an approach centered on the optimization of natural communication.

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Autonomous development of relationship skills

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Process that respects the unique character of each individual

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Motivating learning that emphasizes individual strengths


more benefits expressed by the sales personnel from first use


more needs expressed by the clientele following personnel training


fewer verbal tics during interactions with the clientele

3 modes for demonstrating relationship excellence

The ZTO Call center platform offers 3 modes adapted to your needs and goals. Together, they comprise the most powerful continuous development of call centre sales and service competencies.

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Training Evaluate and enhance your agents’ business performance

ZTO Call center makes it possible to define benchmarks based on optimal service practices and at your call centres.

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Identify behaviours to adopt and those to avoid

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Devise targeted training and action plans

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Monitor agents’ performance progression

Compliance Ensure cohesiveness and consistency in your service quality

The ZTO Call center platform is customizable to adapt to your service and business communication standards.

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Configure the tool with your legal, ethical and technical compliance criteria

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Continuously evaluate the overall level of compliance and that of your agents and teams

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Accelerate quality control and reduce the risk of legal liability

Simplified rule creation dashboard
Training progress dashboard

Continuous optimization and sales sustainability Ensure cohesive and consistent service quality

Endorsed by your teams’ real results, the ‘ZTO call centre’ algorithms highlight the most subtle features of behaviour likely to provoke sales and ensure their sustainability.

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Test, measure and adapt sales scenarios

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Compile the optimal list based on your client profiles

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Engage client loyalty from first contact

Beef up your teams' performance with ZTO Call center

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